How to improve business sales

How to improve business sales

Improving sales and and/or keeping the same standard is essential for your business. If you see your sales dropping and you see your competitors prospering, you should ask yourself what is it that you are doing wrong during the process. As soon as you do that you can figure out what your challenge is and work on improving it.

Improving sales is about being disciplined, you need to be industrious, have a great work ethic and pay attention to details.

Sales steps to follow

  1. Build relationships
    At this stage, you’re searching for the people who could buy into your business. You will meet people who do not know you, people you know and people your people know. So, you will need multiple ways of catching a fish. You can use social media, attend networking events and turn strangers into friends. Have a list of people you respect and look up to in the events industry, contact them and ask to have coffee or lunch with them so that you can build relations.
  2. Approach and contact
    When building relationships, you get all the information you need including contact details. You can send an email to thank them for meeting you. Let them know why you are interested in working with them and what you like about them. Have a script and add your own personality to it.
  3. Presentation Presentation is easy, anyone can do it, right? Remember that it does not have to make you money but be sure that you are good at it. Good presentation is about knowing your craft and what you want to sell to your clients. Be passionate about your idea.
    1. Talking too much- Your presentation must be short enough to explain everything without you having to be talking non-stop.
    2. Not enough questions- A good presenter is good at asking questions. You ask enough questions to find out about the person you are presenting for. If you have too many statements than questions, you are not a good presenter.
    3. No customisation- A good salesperson will know what the customer would like by the conversations they have. You can propose to them what you think they would like to buy based on what they told you. Look at your customers and ask yourself what you would buy if you were them. Making a customer feel like they are your first even though they are number 100 that day.
  4. Follow-up
    Following up on customers- You might have to follow up a couple of times before you can make sales, hang in there. All it takes is being disciplined and paying attention to details. Remembering what your customer told you, means you value their time; therefore, they will want to do business with you.
  5. Referral
    After you have earned your client’s trust, you may let them know that you would appreciate it they referred you to some of the people whom they know would be interested in doing business with you. Ask your clients to refer you to close friends and family for services you offer.
  6. Maintain customer relationship
    Maintain the relationships you have with your customers. Make sure they love the way you work with them; the environment is positive and healthy. Maintaining good relations with your customers means you must ensure a positive and healthy environment.

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