Booking Talent and sound

Booking Talent and sound

Booking talent that will entertain your crowd can be straining because a lot of work goes into it. As much as you would like to just identify the entertainer, sign a contact and have them on stage successfully, it is not that simple.
You need to start somewhere and follow easy steps that can be exhausting at the same time.

An article by lets us in on those tips:

·  Know how to reach outThe first step towards booking entertainment for your event is to identify the entertainer you want at the event. The kind of entertainment you book should depend on the kind of event you’re running; there’s no quicker way to throw away money on entertainment than by booking someone who isn’t a good fit for your event’s guests. In order to make the most of your booking (and get your money’s worth), make sure the entertainment you hire is a good match for your guests.

·  Have a plan of action 

When it comes to booking entertainment for events, your next step should be to figure out what that entertainment will look like. After all, you wouldn’t open a restaurant without putting together a menu first, right? Entertainers won’t consider taking on a job unless they know exactly what’s expected of them. So, if you reach out without a clear understanding of what you want an entertainer to do, the entertainer or their agent might ignore your request.

·  The Entertainer’s Fee ≠ What You’ll Spend 

So, you’ve reached out to an entertainer and they’ve accepted your offer — you can go ahead and cross the entertainment off your to-do list, right?


One of the most common errors event planners make is in assuming that the performance fee for the entertainer is all they’ll have to spend on entertainment. The entertainer’s fee is just one part of the overall cost of entertainment, and if you don’t plan accordingly, you might find yourself going over-budget in a heartbeat.

Entertainer fees are intended to cover one thing only: the cost of the entertainer showing up at your event and doing what you asked them to do. Not included in that cost are all the things the entertainer will need for their performance, and these items can add up quickly. For example, you’ll need to cover the cost of the entertainer’s flight and hotel room, their travel to and from your event, and any food or drinks they’ll have while they’re in town; furthermore, you’ll also have to cover the cost of any equipment they need (lights, sound, stage setup, etc.) for their performance. On top of all that, entertainers rarely travel alone to events, so not only will you have to pay for their travel and accommodations, you’ll also have to foot the bill for anybody else the entertainer brings with them to your event.

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