Checklist for Booking Live Bands

Checklist for Booking Live Bands

1. Style:

Decide what type and style of music you want so it matches your event.

2. Size:

Decide how large the band should be based both on what you would like and the space where the event will be held.

3. Budget:

Set yourself a budget. If you don’t know what to expect, browse around a bit first to get a rough idea of costs. The larger the band the more expensive they will generally be.

4. Search:

Start searching for bands and artists.

5. Rule of three:Don’t make a booking based on just one audio file. 

Take time to listen to a few different tracks and look at their images and videos. This is the point where you make sure the band or artist fits your event.

6. Watch them live:

A video is the next best thing, but if you can watch them live go for it. Don’t expect or demand it though, as many function bands mostly play at closed functions and private parties. However, it never hurts to ask.

7. Insurance:

This point is a must. Check with your venue the amount the insurance needs to cover and ask the artist/band about their Public Liability Insurance.

8. Book Safely:

Book the artist/band and choose a safe way to process your payment. This makes it much more secure for both you and the artist.

9. Communication:

Stay in touch with the band/artist. Ask them any questions you might have and make sure you give them as much information as possible to make everything run smoothly. Look at the next few points for specifics.

10. Logistics:

Is the venue a bit hard to find? Let the band/artist know how to get there, when they need to be there by, where they can park and so on. Musicians often have very heavy gear and always appreciate if there is an area just outside the venue where they can unload everything before parking.

11. Technical Specifications:

Let the band know where they can plug everything in. Are the wall sockets far from the stage, so that they will need extension leads? Check with the venue whether they have sound limiters, which will impact how the musicians set up their equipment.

12. Courtesy points:

Provide the band with a space to get ready, as they will probably want to freshen up a bit. It also gives them somewhere to relax while they wait for their turn to perform. At a minimum, provide them with water, but if you have some light food it is always appreciated (or as per request on the contract).

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