Tips for hiring an entertainer for your event

Tips for hiring an entertainer for your event

Most people attend events because of the talent that will be performing. So, booking the best of the best is very essential.

Pick the right entertainer for your crowd.

After many years of being a keynote speaker, best-selling author, headline entertainer, actor, producer and entrepreneur, 

Randy Charach

 shared crucial tips for booking an entertainer.

Plan early

As soon as you know the date of your event and the exact type of entertainment you are having, you can plan around that entertainment. Make sure that you book your entertainer as soon as possible to avoid disappointment..

Know your budget

Know your entertainment budget before booking performers. The saying, “you get what you pay for” applies to entertainment as well. What you can afford for an entertainer will dictate the quality you will get. Fees for top quality, professional entertainer will depend on the performer’s experience and reputation as well as the date, location, and size of the show.

Determine your “per-person” cost for entertainment. Food and drinks will be a fading memory to your guests, but quality entertainment creates an impact and lasting impression.


Your entertainer is there to enhance your event. Keeping him or her informed of any changes in your event helps them bring you the best possible performance.

Many entertainers can customize their performance for your event. If you have a special request in mind, be sure to bring it up. If they’re doing a customized show it’s essential to get the required information to them as early as possible.

Know the performer’s experience

Don’t be afraid to ask questions…

Is the performer an experienced full-time entertainer who makes showing up early and doing a great job for the client their top priority?

Have they performed at many events like yours, so they’ll be prepared properly to provide an outstanding performance?

Do they have legitimate and glowing reviews from past clients for you to read?

Discuss set-up requirements before booking

Set-up needs for entertainers vary greatly. Some can perform in the corner of a room with just a microphone. Some acts need a minimum stage area and special sound and lighting equipment. Be sure your venue will be able to meet your entertainer’s set-up needs prior to booking.

If you have questions…ask

Your questions may even lead to new ideas to enhance your event that you hadn’t thought of!

Ask the entertainer if they offer any special packages. Your entertainer may have a package that will make your event extra specials.

Know what is included in the fee

There are travel expenses associated with hiring entertainers for your event. Some entertainers include the travel expenses in their performance fee and for some travel will be an additional expense item.

Be sure to know what is included in the fee you are quoted to avoid any surprises.

Request a contract

The entertainer’s booking agent should provide you with a contract outlining your agreement along with the date, fee, location of your event as well as any other arrangements agreed upon.

The contract should clearly state what you will be required to provide for the event, such as a sound system or lighting requirements, and exactly what the entertainer will be providing.

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