Food and beverages trends for events

Food and beverages trends for events

Moving with food and beverage trends is totally a must! The food and beverages you serve at your event play a huge role in determining the success or failure. You might want to consider putting in more time and energy into planning what you will feed your attendees. Whether it is a corporate event, an outdoor event that will take the whole afternoon or run thru the whole evening.

When you are planning your event, keep in mind that refreshments should also be your priority. Food time offers people an opportunity to connect, do not rob your guests of that opportunity.

Local is lekker! Beer and wine from nearby microbreweries are a must to give your guests a local indulgence. When planning a cocktail party make sure to add in a non-alcoholic signature drink.

Serving both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is very advisable as this allows your people to choose what they prefer.

Here are some food trends you might want to keep in mind:

  1. Slow food.
    Food prepared in accordance with local culinary traditions, using locally sourced ingredients. Usually simple, healthy, organic and sustainable and the in season type of food from local vendors.
  2. Bite Sizing/ finger foods
    Another fun way to entertain your guests is by offering pieces of food that are small enough to fit easily in their mouth. This allows your guests to try one or two pieces of everything you have on the menu.
  3. Internationally themed menus
    This allows your chefs to spread their wings and get creative. Also inclusive for different nationalities and guests who have diverse food preferences.
  4. Food Trucks
    You find this one in many events. It could be the easiest and fastest way of making sure that guests are energized throughout the event. They usually sell anything you can think of, including traditional food, fast foods, street food, etc. Food trucks also allow your guests to mingle and network.
  5. Dietary options
    Keep in mind that dietary restriction is more than just a preference, for some people it is medically necessary, therefore every action should be taken to ensure the safety of the guests. Bare in mind where and how the food is prepared.

Plan smart to avoid a lot of wasted food and beverages. You can try using renewable packaging. Cutting down on food waste at events can mean lower costs and a greener planet. Otherwise, you can donate any leftovers to local shelters, or boost recycling by adding more bins.

Source: Events editor Sean Moon

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