Intaba Yase Dubai shoots his shot in debut single- Sbali

Intaba Yase Dubai shoots his shot in debut single- Sbali

Johannesburg- As the month of love and its celebrations still continue, Intaba Yase Dubai does not want to be left out. He joins in the fun by releasing his debut single titled ‘Sbali’ confessing his undying love for a person close to his heart. Sbali is a Zulu word that translates to brother-in-law. The song releases on Friday, 19 February under the award-winning record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment. 

Lindokuhle Msomi who hails from Kwa Maphumulo in KZN says ‘Sbali’ is written for all the people who are in love, the only twist is that this song is dedicated to a crush that he never got a chance to speak to. He deeply yearns to have this person in his life but the only closest thing he has to her is a picture. He declares how being a brother-in-law to her brothers, would be the most exciting thing for him. 

To Intaba Yase Dubai, ‘Sbali’ means that love is still alive and it comes in different shapes and forms. He wishes to encourage people not to give up on love because of trials and tribulations. Adding that as much as it is acceptable to crush on someone, it is still okay for them to not see you the same way. He calls himself Udokotela weyishimane, meaning the doctor of bachelors, and he is here to offer his services. 

The Afro-pop song with a fusion of Maskandi also gives a slight umzabalazo ambiances, which goes to prove just how versatile Intaba Yase Dubai is. The 25-year-old says he does not want to box himself into one music genre as he likes to play around with sounds to keep his supporters on their toes. 

“People did not expect me to release this type of a song, but I am certain that they will love it and get used to the fact that I write songs based on how I wish to heal and connect with people at that particular moment,” says the unpredictable Dubai. 

He is known to South Africa as the hook killer in one of the current big songs, Mali Eningi by Big Zulu. The musician says the song that now sits on over seven million views on YouTube, does not put any pressure on him because the people who love him know that he is versatile, and all his songs are hits. 

He is excited about the release of his debut single, after almost giving up on music. He says people can expect more good music from him.

#Sbali is out on all digital platforms



Artist Details

Name: Lindokuhle Msomi

Stage Name: Intaba Yase Dubai 

Age: 25

Hometown: Maphumulo, KZN 

Social Media: @intabayasedubai

For any PR and interview enquiries

please contact:


Artist Booking enquiries:

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