Sibu Nzuza sees love through digital eye

Sibu Nzuza sees love through digital eye

The new age romance

Johannesburg- This last Friday of the month of March, Singer, producer, instrumentalist, writer and photographer Sibu Nzuza delivers his third single in a form of a “romance 101” class where he lets us in on how long-distance relationships work in this digital era. The Pop single titled ‘Grammable’ is a five-minute long love-filled track.

‘Grammable’ shows how easier it has become to store memories and still be in touch with the one you love seeing that communication is a huge part of what keeps long distance relationships solid. An average vintage love song about one communicating to their significant other would most likely include words like letters, telephones, or pagers in the lyrics, but Grammable paints a picture of how a love song sounds like from the perspective of the youth that lives in a digital age.

On ‘Grammable’, Sibu Nzuza sings in IsiZulu and a little bit of English. The song is typical Sibu Nzuza style as it screams inimitability and authenticity. It has a distinct sound that you can only find in Sibu Nzuza’s music, and like his previous songs, this single is a fusion of old and new African instruments and sound. The instrumentals were created using reference from legends such as Johnny Dimba, Mpharanyana and Soul Brothers. Sibu Nzuza makes music for the young and the old as he uses vintage sounds in a modern way blending it with a language that will resonate with young people.

The 29-year-old has this to say about Grammable:

“This one comes from a place of nostalgia. It was more than just creating a song from an idea, I created it to deliberately spark nostalgia to the listener’s ear.”

The song is now available for streaming and downloading on all digital platforms.


Artist Details
Name: Sibu Nzuza
Stage Name: Sibu Nzuza
Age: 29
Home Town: Durban
Social Media: Twitter and Instagram Facebook Apple
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