I am here to fight for it all- Snymaan

I am here to fight for it all- Snymaan

Johannesburg- Put on some fighting gloves and prepare the boxing ring because it is about to be a long battle, says Sinethemba “Snymaan” Bibi who is not ready to rest until he fulfils all his dreams. Known for always relaying words of wisdom and motivation on his social media pages, Snymaan sustains the same energy even in his music. Friday, 16 April 2021 sees the trap musician release another uplifting Xhosa song titled ‘Ndiyolwa’ meaning ‘I will fight’. 

This war cry is about how his time has arrived and that he is to fight at all costs and conquer against all odds. It is also about overcoming all fears and standing boldly in fighting for one’s purpose. He explains in the song that all the strength comes from his ancestors and the love he has for being behind the microphone. The song writer and singer’s music always preach perseverance which is what he has learnt through his journey to success. 

The 37-year-old who hails from Umtata would one day love to have his own church, which is why he advocates for faith and hope in his songs. He is thrilled about his latest offering and he has this to say: 

“This past year has been tough on all of us and this song is about getting up and fighting for your dreams. While ‘Umvulo’ was about instilling hope, ‘Ndiyolwa’ is about awakening the power in oneself. I am excited about this release and I hope that the song will help renew someone’s fighting spirit.”  

‘Ndiyolwa’ follows Snymaan’s debut single released in March 2020 which encourages people to never stop dreaming big and to be excited about new beginnings. The song’s music video followed in July 2020, and now sits on over 220 thousand views. Umvulo  continues to prove to be a success as it occupies spots on several charts across radio and television. 

Snymaan believes that his music will touch the hearts of those who need to hear the message, and it will change their lives for the better. The song is available for download: 


Artist details:

Name: Sinethemba Bibi

Age: 37-years-old

Hometown: Umtata

Social Media: Twitter Instagram Facebook and Apple

PR Queries: 





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    its a great song

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