Sibu Nzuza dives into a new genre and tries out Sesotho in new single

Sibu Nzuza dives into a new genre and tries out Sesotho in new single

Johannesburg- We all know Sibu Nzuza to be a calm and soft-spoken gentleman who

loves love, and it seems that reality is not about to change anytime soon. The Zulu-from-the-

future as he calls himself releases another love-filled song titled “Mpulele” featuring Malome

Vector which drops on Friday, 04 March 2022.


A surprise twist which is something to look forward to, is that the muso dives into Sesotho

and Amapiano as he drops his very first upbeat song, and he is excited about sharing his

diversity with the world. Mpulele is about an absent boyfriend picking up signs that his

girlfriend is losing interest in their relationship due to him not being around all the time, the

only time he remembers he is in a relationship is when it’s cold or he is out of money, Yikes!


The now insecure boyfriend complains about how since they came back from a certain

event, the girlfriend is distant, so he even wonders who the girl saw at that party, and he

admits to his faults and letting the girlfriend know that the taste of his own medicine is killing

him as he begs in Sesotho saying “kopa ompulele my love

Gwa bata ka montle meaning “please open for me it’s cold outside".


The artist is excited about the song and cannot wait for the feedback. No one could have

ever imagined the two artists to work on a feature together because of the different sounds

they make, which is what makes the feature more special and thrilling.


“I love the element of surprise that comes with this feature. The contrast in our

voices, the diversity of languages and slang make the song what it is. This sound

resembles the amapiano one which is not Vector’s and my typical sound but joining

forces to explore it brought out the magic. People will dance to this song as well as

relate to it as its quite a common scenario amongst modern day couples,” explains



The song is out on all digital platforms. Download/Stream here:



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