Triple threat release by Intaba Yase Dubai, Manny Yack and Spura

Triple threat release by Intaba Yase Dubai, Manny Yack and Spura

Johannesburg- March has been a beautiful month, and April starts with a bang, as

Ambitiouz Entertainment lets out the big guns with a triple release. Intaba Yase Dubai,

Manny Yack and Spura release brand-new offerings. All come with different sounds and

genres, but best believe the objective is the same- to keep people happy.


Singer and songwriter, Intaba Yase Dubai releases his third single titled Nguye

featuring stablemates, Malome Vector and Wave Rhyder who come in hot with their

undeniably inimitable Sesotho flavour. The three are authentic in their own rights and

having them in the same single is indeed a genius move.


The love song speaks about gents who do not usually get respect or love when they are

at their lowest because of “indoda must”, but they get attention once things start looking

up. Intaba Yase Dubai’s previous singles, Sbali and Ngiyamthanda got amazing

reception as they have accrued eight and two million YouTube views respectively.

The KaMaphumulo singer is also featured in Manny Yack’s brand-new Hip-Hop single

dubbed Noodles. This is a song for every young person from areas that seem to be far

away from opportunities.


“Intaba Yase Dubai and I come from places where dreaming is hard because there’s not

much happening there. We are telling the story of a young black child from the rural

areas who dared to dream, an example that anything is possible no matter where you

are,” explains Manny Yack.


The two gentlemen’s releases are joined by Spura’s visuals for her debut single,

Amahloni. The single was released a month ago following the 18-year-old’s feature in

Amaroto’s Megalo which has now reached a million views.


The music video is about a girl who lives a soft life and happens to fall in love with a car

guard who is considered to be beneath her. Spura says she hopes that the music video

will teach people to love one another for who they are not what they have.

“I am super nervous and excited at the same time; I cannot wait for people to see it.

Shooting the music video was amazing, I went from singer to actress, and I loved the

experience,” says the bubbly Free State vocalist.


All the songs are available on all digital platforms. Amahloni music video is o YouTube.



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