Wave Rhyder is all about love in new single

Wave Rhyder is all about love in new single

Johannesburg- Singer, songwriter and producer Thato Molupe affectionately known

as Wave Rhyder gifts his supporters with a song release as he celebrates his 23rd

birthday. This is his second single, and it is titled Dikeledi as he tries to woo his crush

into loving him.


In this song we meet a young man who has intentions of having a relationship with

someone who won’t give him any attention. He makes courting interesting as he

sings for her and promises to treat her well. He proceeds to say “even my parents

are proud, I have won a lottery.”


It is safe to call Wave Rhyder the history maker as he was introduced by Ambitiouz

Entertainment in October 2021 and became the first artist in the label to release an

Amapiano track.


The multifaceted artist from Morija, Lesotho is thrilled about this release, especially

because the song was released on his birthday.


“This is the most perfect birthday anyone could ask for, I feel blessed. I am excited

about this track especially because it is my favourite song and my comfort zone. The

sound is too different from my debut single Pula which was amapiano,” says Wave



Dikeledi is available for in all digital platforms. Stream/download here:




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