An ignored girlfriend finds a shoulder in her boyfriend’s bestie

An ignored girlfriend finds a shoulder in her boyfriend’s bestie

Johannesburg- It ends in tears for Sibu Nzuza in his latest music video for Mpulele which

directly translates to “Open for me”. His girlfriend decided to stop begging for his attention as

his best friend was close enough to fill in the gap and give her the quality time she had been

longing for. The Ambitiouz Entertainment’s artist released this Amapiano track in March

2022, featuring stable-mate Malome Vector, and today they attach visuals to it.


Mpulele is about an absent boyfriend picking up signs that his girlfriend is losing interest in

their relationship due to him not being around all the time. If he is not at groove, he is

entertaining other women, even in front of his girlfriend, the audacity! The only time he

remembers he is in a relationship is when it’s cold or he is out of money.


The music video also seems to be a continuation of Sibu Nzuza’s debut music video,

5Minutes, where a guy gave little time to his girlfriend due to work. In Mpulele, we are shown

scenes at the party where we get to see the back story of how the couple’s relationship

ended up in the trenches. We get taken through how the best friend saw an opportunity and

took it with both hands; we are certain that many will relate to the storyline as many have

been betrayed in this fashion.


Sibu working on an Amapiano song was a great experience for him and he is happy about

finally sharing Mpulele visuals.


“I loved working on this song because it showed my abilities and versatility as an artist. I am

confident that people will love the music video because we tell real-life stories, even though

people will find humour in it, I am sure others will do some introspection and fix their

relationships,” says Nzuza.


The real question here is; will people still trust their friends around their partners after this?

We will follow the reactions on social media. The music video is out on YouTube and the

audio can be downloaded/streamed on all digital platforms.



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