Common legal issues in event planning

Common legal issues in event planning

Event planning may seem like everything is smooth sailing, like a simple business concept that will be fun. There is always more to events than beautiful lights, a great line up and a venue filled with crowds But, like any other business it has its own issues especially with people not delivering what has been agreed upon.

Here are some legal issues you should take care of:

Written Contracts
In this business there is ALWAYS a need to have a written contract. You may want to trust people and believe that they will meet their end of the agreement, but that is not how it works in the events business- put everything on paper. Have a contract that will be signed by you and the client, detailing expectations, payments, cancellation, and vendors. This will protect the company from legal action if the client says the company did not hold up their end of the deal. Also, the contract will protect the event planning company from losing money. This is to also hold the client legally accountable and eliminate prices being changed at the last minute. An event planner also wants to have written contracts with each vendor detailing what will be provided by the vendor and the cost of the service. An event planner typically will be dealing with multiple vendors such as caterers, florists and entertainment.

Licenses and Permits
Event organising comes with lots of rules and regulations that must be adhered to. Therefore, event planners need to make sure they are get all of the right licenses and permits. The most common permit is a permit to serve alcohol. If an event planner does not have their own venue or space, they will need to make sure they obtain the right permits to serve alcohol at the venue. It is advisable to hire a licensed bartender to avoid paying unnecessary fees and penalties.

Liability and Insurance
Before making certain decisions, you have to think and re-think them especially when it comes to legal issues. for instance, naming your business. Be careful not to give your business a name that already exists because if someone notices that you have named your business with the same name as theirs, there is a high risk of you being dragged to court and chances are you'll lose, if you don't change it. Before you give your business with a permanent name, it is advisable to consult with a legal advisor to learn your copyrights. Disabled Access Nowadays premises are required to provide full access and facilities for disabled people. Catering for the for disabled people is not really compulsory but consider it a good practice to do so wherever possible. If you are not able to cater for the disabled, be sure to point it out.

Child Protection
Your company must have a Child Protection Policy and your event should comply with it. If it does not, or if this is a privately organised function, you need to be aware of child protection issues check.


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