The logistics of booking an artist for an event

The logistics of booking an artist for an event

Most of the time people attend events based which artists are on the line up. Make your event a fun one, give the people a reason to buy tickets and look forward to your event.

It comes with laws and legalities that need to be followed. Contracts need to be signed and adhered to.

Here is a step by step guide of making your booking an artist easier:

·  First, you get hold of the artist’s manager or their stable

·  Call or email or get them through social mediaThey will need to know about your event:

·  When and where is the event happening

·  What is the name of the venue and type of venue it is?

·  How many people are coming who are some of the people who will be performing?

·  Is the event sponsored?

That information gives the artist’s management a picture of the size and type of event the artist is being requested to perform at so that they can be able to price accordingly.

Once all that has been understood by the booking agent/artist’s management, a quotation will be made and communicated between the two parties.

Payment and cancelation policy

99.99% of the time, you need to secure by paying 50% of the amount charged, and a few days before the event, the balance must be paid. Most contracts clearly stipulate that if you do not pay the balance before the event, you forfeit your deposit.

You forfeit your deposit because other events might have been turned down for yours and now the booking agent needs to work on finding the artist another event since yours is no longer happening.

If it is the artist’s fault, by either not showing up for the booked event or cancelling, the stable/booking agent has to pay back the 50% or offer to give another performance. It all depends on what the contract says or what the event organiser prefers.

An event held at a school or community hall will obviously not be charged the same way as a Cape Town Jazz Festival, booking agents are usually lenient towards the smaller events and venues.

Indoor and outdoor events are also charged differently. An event at a stadium with a capacity of about 200 000 attendees expected, will be charged more compared to an event that will take place at a club with a capacity of 300 people. Charging them the same will not make sense as one event makes more money than the other.


·  The organiser owns the event

·  The promoter markets the event

·  Sometimes the organiser can be their own promoter

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